About Me

My name is Daniel and I am a web developer interested in solving problems and adding value to every project I contribute to. Currently, I'm based in Portland, Oregon and am interested in discussing any and all opportunities in the field. I will share a brief summary of my experience, but please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions!

While I began my programming journey in 2009 with Actionscript 3, it was after an extended hiatus to pursue other interests that I decided to return to the web development field in January of 2020, building projects using modern Javascript centered around the MERN stack on my own time while working full-time in the property management industry.

Like many people, my full-time position was affected by COVID-19, which allowed me to focus more fully on working through tutorials and building my own projects from scratch. Since then, I am proud to have produced multiple websites entirely on my own, several of which are highlighted in the Projects section.

Currently, I prefer developing JamStack sites using NextJS, with TailwindCSS being my preferred styling framework. On the backend, my primary experience is with Express interfacing with either MongoDB or Postgres databases.

Thank you for your attention!

My Skills

  • Frontend



    Javascript (ES6



  • Backend

    NodeJS (Express)


  • Database




  • Prototyping

    Adobe XD